Adventures in Ecto and PostgreSQL: Partial Unique Indexes and Upserts With Associations

Let’s say you were asked by your government to implement a national dog registry in order to help them to enforce their new one-dog-policy. Everyone who wants to buy a dog will need to register it at the municipal government. Since your government cares a lot about the well-being of the nation’s dogs and generally invests a lot of time and resources into research endeavours, they want to collect some additional data on all the dogs and want all dog owners to check in once a year to keep the information up to date.

Property-Based Test-Driven Development in Elixir

Recently I came across a small function in our code base that was meant to transform a list of arbitrarily sorted and possibly overlapping time ranges into a sorted list of non-overlapping time ranges, or in other words, to merge the time ranges in a list. The function was covered by example-based unit tests, but unfortunately, once in a while the function would throw an error. This was a good opportunity to use property-based testing in order to find inputs that would cause the errors.